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Isuma (#) (-1920)

In the News~

August 4, 1920 [San Pedro Daily News]: “The fishing boat Isuma, said to have been owned by the South Coast Canning Co. of Long Beach, was sunk about 15 miles northeast of Santa Barbara Island, on Monday night about 7:30 o'clock, in a collision with the Kotobuki. The boat was in command of Harry Lee who admits that he had been having engine trouble and was down below trying to make repairs and although the boat was running at a moderate rate of speed, he is said to admit that there was no one at the wheel. He states that his two partners were busy mending their nets. The Japanese fishing boat Kotobuki was presumably running in exactly the opposite direction for the two boats collided almost bow on. The Isuma was so badly stove in that she sank in about three minutes and the men had barely time to get into life preservers and jump overboard, being later picked up by the men on the Kotobuki. They lost all of their personal effects, a ton of albacore, besides $750 in cash...”