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Itzumato (#) (-1920), Japanese fishing vessel rammed by Austrian fishermen and sunk of Avalon, Santa Catalina Island.

In the News~

August 7, 1920 [LAH]: “Japanese hunt Austrians in fishing war. Nets on Japanese fishing craft were tucked in lockers today and the smacks themselves idled back and forth in zig-zag courses over the fishing lanes while the expressionless faces of their owners searched the sea for sight of certain Austrian boats, wanted in connection with the sinking of the Jap boat Itzumato. Government patrol boats are plying over fishing banks in Southern California waters on the same mission, trying to find the craft and its crew believed to be responsible for the ramming of the Itzumato and the probable murder of its crew. Working to end the feud prevailing for weeks between Japanese and Austrian fishermen, Fish and Game Warden Paul Anderson, on board the patrol boat Albacore, came on the wrecked Itzumato off Catalina Island last night. Coincident with the report of the finding of the Itzumato, it was reported in San Diego by American fishermen that the crew of a wrecked Japanese boat had been picked up by an Italian fishing craft. Word of the Phrone Rose, an Austrian boat, has not been received for the past 10 days and authorities are now confident that this boat has meet the same fate as the other, being sunk with her crew on board. The fishing boat Wanderer of San Pedro, abandoned by her crew because of a broken propeller shaft, is now believed to be a derelict at sea, according to the latest reports. With the finding of the wrecked Itzumato, four boats are now missing in Southern California waters, only one of which has been fully accounted for. Besides the Wanderer and Phrone Rose, a Japanese boat named Yamato disappeared last month and is believed to have been swallowed up by the sea and hew crew murdered in the Jap-Austrian warfare.”

August 7, 1920 [LAH]: “Japanese fishing boat sunk in war. Los Angeles, Aug. 7. — The crew of the Japanese fishing boat Itzumato, found abandoned and sinking last night off Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, came ashore in an Italian fishing boat, it was learned early today. Members of the Itzumato's crew said their craft had been rammed by a boat manned by men of a third nationality. The Itzumato was found by the United States patrol boat, Albacore, and sank while being towed towards Avalon.”