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JACOBS, David ( -1913)

In the News~

July 1, 1913 [SBMP]: “David Jacobs, the son of Edward Jacobs, 916 Spring Street, disappeared from the launch Gussie M on the return trip from Santa Cruz Island Sunday night and was drowned. As the launch approached the buoy, it was reported to Captain Ira Eaton that a man had fallen overboard. The launch was turned around and a search was made which did not have any results. There is still a bare possibility that Jacobs was not on the Gussie M. He made the trip over in the boat. To make certain, a launch was hurried back to the island to investigate. Fred Hassler is the only passenger who is positive Jacobs was aboard. The probabilities are that he was drowned, as several passengers declare they saw a man fall overboard, and he is the only person missing. Jacobs was about twenty years old and well known around town.”