JENSEN, Walter F.

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JENSEN, Walter F. (c. 1892-1936)

In the News~

September 3, 1936 [TI/Avalon]: “while out fishing in Santa Catalina Island waters Saturday, Walter F. Jensen, Hollywood theatre owner, slipped from the deck of the vessel in a rough sea and fell overboard. The occupants of the vessel threw him a rope and pulled him back into the boat, but he failed to revive. It was thought that so much water had entered his lungs that death followed. The remains were removed to Los Angeles Sunday afternoon. Mr. Jensen, 44 years of age, resided at 1706 Sunset Boulevard. He was spending a vacation in Avalon, accompanied by his wife, Mrs. Eskaleen Jensen, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Jensen. On Saturday he went fishing, hoping to catch a marlin sowrdfish. He was in a boat captained by George W. Gibson, accompanied by Dave Flaquist, said to be his assistant. After taking the body of Jensen into the boat, the returned to Avalon three hours later, where an inhalator was used, but without success in the effort to revive the drowned man. Mr. Jensen was a native of Oregon, had spent most of his life in California, was a Mason, belonged to the Los Angeles Athletic Club and the Glendale Elks Club. In addition to his wife, father and mother, the deceased leaves a brother, Robert S. Jensen.”