JOHNSON, Donald Lee

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Don Johnson on the boat to Anacapa Island, June 3, 1978

JOHNSON, Donald Lee (1934-2013), professor of geography at the University of Illinois, Urbana. Johnson conducted research on the California Channel Islands, which resulted in several publication. His career was his hobby and he never tired of his work. Several place names on San Miguel Island are attributed to Don Johnson. Johnson died May 10, 2013 at age 79. His ashes were scattered on San Miguel Island.

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  • 1972. Johnson, Donald L. Landscape evolution on San Miguel Island, California. PhD dissertation, University of Kansas

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  • 1977. Johnson, Donald L. The Late Quaternary climate of coastal California: evidence for an ice age refugium Journal of Quaternary Research 8:154-179, 1977

  • 1978. Johnson, Donald L. The origin of island mammoths and the Quaternary land bridge history of the northern Channel Islands Quaternary Research 10:204-255, 1978

  • 1979. Johnson, Donald L. Hydrology and water resources. Pages 4.1-4.21 in Power, D.M. (ed.), Natural resources study of the Channel Islands National Monument, California. Report submitted to the National Park Service Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, California, 1979

  • 1980. Johnson, Donald L. Episodic landscape stripping, soil erosion, and landscape modification in prehistoric and recent historic time, San Miguel Island, California Pages 103-121 in D. M. Power, ed., The California islands: proceedings of a multidisciplinary symposium. Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History, Santa Barbara, CA 1980

  • 1983. Johnson, Donald L. The California Continental Borderland: landbridges, watergaps and biotic dispersals Pp. 481-527. In: Masters, P. M. and Fleming, N. C. (eds.), Quaternary Coastlines and Marine Archaeology: Towards the Prehistory of Landbridges and Continental Shelves. Academic Press, New York, NY, 1983
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