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David Starr Jordan

JORDAN, David Starr (1851-1931), New York-born scholar, educator, and peace activist, he was president of Indiana University (1885-1891), after which he became the first president of Leland Stanford Junior University from 1891 until 1913, and then chancellor from 1913 to 1916. He served as president of the World Peace Foundation from 1910 to 1914, and then as president of the World Peace Conference in 1915. He campaigned vigorously against World War I. Although his academic training was mainly in ichthyology, Jordan authored books on a variety of subjects. He died in Palo Alto on September 9, 1931 at age 80.

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In the News~

March 22, 1897 [LAT/SF]: “Professor David Starr Jordan, the head of the commission appointed by the United States to investigate the fur-seal industry, has returned to this city from Washington… The United States will take aggressive measures. The female seals at the rookeries will be branded, and the value of their skins destroyed, so there will be no temptation for the sealers to kill them…”

August 1, 1900 [SBDI]: “Mrs. David Starr Jordan, who has been spending the past month at Miramar will leave in a few days for San Francisco.”

September 4, 1915 [SBMP]: “That David Starr Jordan and the federal authorities have become interested in the desirability for the protective measures for the channel seal, for the sea birds and for the food fishes of these waters is an encouraging sign; and the proposition that there should be a separate department in California for the supervision of ocean fisheries is eminently reasonable and destined to have the support of all thinking people. The seals of Santa Barbara are being exterminated. There are fewer sea birds than there were. Crawfish and abalone are each season more scarce. Food fish are higher in price. There is urgent need for action of a decisive and effective character, and agitation to that end is worthy of our interest and support.”

September 28, 1915 [SBMP]: “The federal government has already taken notice of the movement for the creation of a game reserve on the Santa Barbara Islands. This has come about through the activities of David Starr Jordan and Charles E. Davis. The latter, who resides at Long Beach, has received a letter from C. M. Bruce, acting commissioner of the Department of the Interior General Land Office, in which progress is reported thus: Dr. David Starr Jordan of Stanford University has addressed a letter to the Secretary of the Interior, inclosing herewith a carbon copy of your letter addressed to him of date August 16, relative to the creation of a government reservation of the Santa Barbara islands off the southwest coast of California for the protection of native birds and animals. An examination of the records of this office shows that of the islands referred to, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz,, and Santa Catalina, the three largest of the group, are in private ownership, having been disposed of under some early Spanish or Mexican land grant. This leaves five islands… These five, however, are embraced in lighthouse reservations under the control of the Department of Commerce… With Washington authorities taking such keen interest in the proposal, it is not improbably that something will come out of it…”