Johnson, Santa Rosa Island

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Johnson, Santa Rosa Island, a survey station established in 1951 by Lorne G. Taylor He stated:

“this station can not be described as it is in the area under construction by the Navy as a radar site. It is about 1.5 miles north of the military camp which is located at Johnson’s Lee dock, and is .5 mile east of the two radio buildings of the Air Force. This station and marks will be between the sending and receiving buildings of the radar station. To reach from the military camp, follow the paved road 3.1 miles to a fork, take right fork for .25 mile to the Navy radar site and station.”

The station was marked with a standard disk stamped JOHNSON NO 1 1951. A reference mark was marked JOHNSON NO 1 1951. [UTM 10: North 3,757,382 East 766,704].