Journal of the West

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Journal of the West (1962-?), published in Los Angeles and edited by L. L. and C. S. Morrison to attract historians, geographers, anthropologists, archaeologists and authors in the related sciences on all phases of the history of the American West.

[original in SCIF archives]

[original in SCIF archives] [San Miguel Island file & Holland file]

[original in SCIF archives] [Holland file]

  • 1963. Camp, Charles L. Old Doc Yates Journal of the West 2(4):377-400, October
[original in SCIF archives; plus stapled separate]

  • 1965. Palmer, Harold D. Submarine Geography off Southern California Journal of the West 4(1):77-94, January 1965
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1969. Palmer, Marlene A. Whistler and the U. S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Journal of the West 8(4):559-577, October 1969