Justinian House, Santa Cruz Island

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Rancho & Valley, Santa Cruz Island, California, 1855
Main Ranch buildings, Superintendent's residence, owner's residence at left, and ranch office and kitchen buildings in background at right.
Santa Cruz Island, Symmes, 1922
Justinian House, Main Ranch, Santa Cruz Island, 1932

Justinian House, Santa Cruz Island, is the name given by Carey Stanton to the oldest two story adobe at the Main Ranch. This building first appears in a watercolor painted by U.S. Coast Survey artist, James Madison Alden, in 1855 entitled Rancho & Valley Santa Cruz Island, California. This is the first known view of Santa Cruz Island. It depicts an adobe (Justinian House) at the Main Ranch in the island’s Central Valley, a man on horseback, several fenced fields and a haystack. The view is facing the Portezuela Grade to the west.

The name commemorates Justinian Caire.