KELLEM, Mark Wayne

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KELLEM, Mark Wayne (c. 1963-1981), drowned while diving at San Miguel Island on July 30, 1981.

In the News~

July 31, 1981 [Times-Advocate]: “Teen scuba diver drowns. Santa Barbara — An 18-year-old Burbank man drowned while scuba diving with his father off at San Miguel Island, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department reported. Mark Wayne Kellem began having trouble with his breathing apparatus about 20 feet below the surface yesterday morning, deputies said. They said Kellem's father Frankin Kellem, gave him a reserve air tank and they both headed for the surface, but when the elder Kellem got there his son was no where in sight. Other divers from the boat Truth found Mark Kellem's body on the ocean bottom 115 feet below the surface after a 30-minute search, deputies said. ”