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William Stephen Webster Kew

KEW, William Stephen Webster (1890-1961), San Diego-born geologist who was graduated from the University of California in 1913, and received his doctorate in invertebrate paleontology in 1917. Kew conducted he first formal geological exploration of Santa Rosa Island with E. D. Lynton and Paul Henderson in January of 1926. They spent ten days on the island with permission of “Messrs. N. R. and Ed Vail,” and had great assistance from the island foreman, C. W. Smith. A year later, Kew presented a paper, Geological Sketch of Santa Rosa Island, Santa Barbara County, California, which he read before the Cordilleran Section of the Geological Society of America on January 29, 1927. Kew noted his findings were published “with permission of Vail & Vickers and G. C. Chester, Chief Geologist of the Standard Oil Company of California.” Five years later in 1932, Standard Oil conducted the first exploration for oil on Santa Rosa Island. In 1934, Kew authored a manuscript with Graham Moody for Standard Oil entitled Earthquake Report on file at the University of California.

  • 1927. Kew, William S. W. Geologic Sketch of Santa Rosa Island, Santa Barbara County, California Geological Society of America Bulletin 38(4):645-654, 1927
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