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KING, Jack ( -1904), fisherman who disappeared with fellow fisherman, Arley Peters, while on a trip to Anacapa Island.

In the News~

April 1, 1904 [SBI]: “Captain Merry arrived here from Hueneme last evening in his sloop yacht Daisy on his way to the islands in search of Jack King and Arley Peters, who left Hueneme March 22 in a small surf boat on a fishing excursion to Anacapa Island. The men expected to be gone less than a week, and their failure to return home has resulted in great anxiety on the part of their friends regarding their safety. Captain Merry was joined here by Arthur C. Greenwell, and they sailed for Anacapa last night in quest of the missing fishermen. They hope to find King and Peters on the island, in which event they will give them quick passage back to the mainland and relieve as quickly as possible the suspense of the amateur mariners’ friends regarding their fate.”

April 3, 1904 [SFCall]: “Ventura, April 2. Jack King and Arley Peters left the little port of Hueneme a week ago last Tuesday for a day’s fishing in the Santa Barbara Channel. Since that time nothing has been heard of them. They went out in a small open boat with food enough but for one day and intended to return at nightfall. A severe storm prevailed on the channel on Tuesday, and it was supposed at first that the fishermen had sought shelter in one of the many coves on Anacapa Island. King is a well-known fisherman and expert sailor, and but little fear was felt for the safety of the party. As the days went by, however, and no tidings came, their disappearance caused great anxiety. On Thursday Captain Thomas Merry, who perhaps knows the channel and the islands better than any other person in this section, organized a searching party, and in his yacht Daisy, set out from Santa Barbara for Anacapa Island. He put into Port Hueneme today without having obtained any information or finding any trace of the lost men. King is an old resident of Hueneme. His companion is a boy about 16 years of age and the only son in a large family. His mother is almost frantic over his disappearance.”

April 4, 1904 [SBI]: “Last Saturday evening Captain Merry and Arthur C. Greenwell returned home from the islands in the former’s yacht Daisy. As detailed in The Independent in last Friday’s issue, they went across the channel night before in quest of Jack King and Arley Peters of Hueneme, who had left that port on March 22 in a small surf boat on a fishing expedition to Anacapa Island, expecting to be gone a week, and from whom no tidings had been received by their anxious friends. The searching party found absolutely no trace of the missing fishermen. They sailed around all of the Channel Islands and scanned closely every spot on the beaches where craft of any size could make landing, without getting sight of either men or boat. Captain Colice Vasquez, who is over at the islands hunting for sea lions, has also been for several days on the lookout for the lost fishermen, but he has seen no trace of them, as he informed the Daisy’s crew. Although all efforts at their rescue have thus far been fruitless, it is by no means certain that the lost men have perished in the deep. It is thought very likely that, overtaken by some vessel out on the open sea, they may have been taken aboard and carried to the port whither the vessel was bound, in which event they must be heard from, sooner or later, according to the destination of the craft that rescued them.”