KINSELL, Martinette

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KINSELL, Martinette “Nettie” (1852- ), was born in Wisconsin, and in 1881 married Ohio-born journalist, William George Kinsell, two years her junior. They lived in northern California. She was widowed by the 1920 census, and living in Berkley. She is listed in the 1927 Oakland Directory.

Kinsell, who signed her writings with the initial "K", was author of two articles which appeared in Overland Monthly:

In the News~

November 12, 1891 [LAT]: “The Santa Barbara Islands are listed for a description in the forthcoming number of the Overland… Mrs. Nettie Kinsell of Santa Barbara is engaged in the task of describing them.”

December 3, 1891 [SBMP]:The Santa Barbara Islands. The Overland Monthly for December is a peculiarly Santa Barbara publication, this vicinity figuring prominently in at least two of the leading papers. The Santa Barbara Islands, that almost unknown wonderland at our very doors, are glowingly described in a lengthy article by Mrs. Martinette Kinsell of this city, and copiously illustrated with drawings after photographs by I. N. Cook…”

December 9, 1891 [LAT]: “The Overland Monthly for December outdoes itself and it equals any of the leading magazines of the day in its fine illustrations. Among its most attractive papers is the altogether charming sketch of the Santa Barbara Islands by Martinette Kinsell…”