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KITTREDGE, Hattie Elizabeth (1843-1876), wife of Julius Myrick Leuzarder. Julius married Hattie Elizabeth Kittredge in Oakland in 1870 at age 35. Harriet gave birth to daughter, Bessie, in 1873. Bessie died on October 21, 1880 in Boston. Son, Edward (1875-1956), was born on August 17, 1875. Harriet died the following year on October 10, 1876. Shortly before her death, on April 26, 1870, Hiram Mills bought from George Nidever his interest in San Miguel Island. That same day, Mills entered into a sale of “all the undivided 3/4ths of San Miguel Island with J. M. Leuzarder, P. F. Mohrhardt, and Warren Mills, Hiram's brother. In 1871 the three men acquired the last 1/4 interest and formed the Pacific Wool Growing Company based in San Francisco. Leuzarder died in Boston on November 2, 1878.

In the News~

January 22, 1870 [SFDMC]: “Leuzarder/Kittredge—in this city, January 20, at the residence of the bride’s parents, by the Rev. Dr. Scudder, Julem M. Leuzarder of Boston, Mass. , to Hattie E., daughter of J. G. Kittredge of this city.

November 15, 1871 [SDB]: “Died. Kittredge. In San Francisco, Nov. 14., Harriet W. wife of J[oseph] G[renough] Kittredge, aged 71 years and five months.”

June 1, 1872 [SBP]: “Real Estate Transactions. J. M. Leuzarder to E. H. Kettridge, $10,000, one-third San Miguel Island.”

November 1, 1873 [SBDP]: “Real Estate Transactions. E. H. Kettredge to the Pacific Wool Growing Company, undivided one-third interest of San Miguel Island, also the undivided one third of all the cattle, horses, sheep and other personal property on the Island, and an undivided one third of the schooner Active; consideration $1.”

November 4, 1878 [SFDEB]: “Died. Leuzarder—in Boston, November 2, at his father’s residence, Jules Leuzarder, recently of San Francisco, son-in-law of J. G. Kittredge, native of Maine.”