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KROEBER, Alfred Louis (1876-1960), cultural anthropologist born in New Jersey. He studied under Franz Boas at Columbia University, and went on to build the anthropology department at the University of California (1901-1946). He pioneered studies in American Indian dialects, and his efforts helped to establish anthropology as a professional academic discipline. Kroeber’s list of Chumash names of the Channel Islands includes:

  • Mi'chumash for Santa Cruz Island
  • Na'wani for Santa Rosa Island
  • Anyapa for Anacapa Island

On Kroeber's map of the Chumash territory, he lists the names of seven village sites on Santa Rosa Island, including:

  • Numkulkul at Cañada Garañon
  • Niakla at the mouth of Cañada Soledad
  • Siliwihi at the mouth of Cañada Verde

Nanawani, Santa Cruz Island is a coastal Chumash village site on the south side of Santa Cruz Island mapped by A. L. Kroeber in 1925.

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