Kelp, San Nicolas Island

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Kelp, San Nicolas Island is a triangulation station established by William E. Greenwell of the U.S. Coast Survey in 1858. It is located at the extreme southeast end of the central mesa. As Greenwell described it: “The ground is covered with low sage bushes at this end of the island, but in the immediate vicinity of the signal it is more or less free of these.”

Kelp, San Nicolas Island , California, William E. Greenwell 1858; Stehman Forney, 1879.—On the summit of a round, flat-topped knoll at the east end of the island. There were also four redwood stubs, each with a copper tack in the top, to the north, south, east, and west, about 3 feet from the center. (Note 19, p. 617.) [Annual Report of the Director, U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey, 1904]