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Kingfisher (# ) ( -1905)

In the News~

May 26, 1900 [SBMP]: “The sailboat Kingfisher, the property of Mr. Helfreich of this city, was brought into port yesterday by Captain Julius.”

August 10, 1900 [SBDI]: “The sloop Kingfisher left for the islands this morning.”

November 28, 1900 [LAT/SB]: “The sloop Kingfisher, Captain Julius, has reached here, reporting a furious storm among the Channel Islands. The vessel lay in the harbor of Santa Cruz Island and weathered the blow and rain there.”

March 20, 1901 [SBDI]: “The sloop Kingfisher, Captain Colice Vasquez, left for the islands this morning for seals for H. F. Rogers.”

March 31, 1901 [SBMP]: “The Kingfisher, Captain Vasquez, arrived from the islands yesterday with eight sea lions.”

June 6, 1901 [SBMP]: “H. A. Rogers is shipping six seals from the islands to the Pan-American Exposition. Captain Vasquez brought them over in the Kingfisher.”

September 29, 1901 [SBMP]: “The Kingfisher, Captain Colice Vasquez, left for the islands last evening to fish for crawfish.”

October 9, 1901 [LAT/SB]: “Frank Pepper, foreman of Santa Rosa Island, came over this morning on the sloop Kingfisher.”

October 25, 1901 [SBI]: “Captain Vasquez left for Santa Cruz Island in the Kingfisher today, taking a party of eight men who will pick shells for the local factory.”

November 9, 1901 [SBDN]: “The schooner Kingfisher, Captain Vasquez, reached here yesterday from Santa Rosa Island and brought over a small quantity of shells for the Santa Barbara Shell Company, and two seals for the trained animal show which is to take them along at the close of their stand here. The seals are very large ones. Captain Vasquez is the most expert seal catcher of the islands.”

November 13, 1901 [SBDN]: “The Kingfisher, Captain Vasquez, sailed yesterday for Santa Rosa Island. Her only passenger was the foreman of the island.”

December 5, 1901 [LAT/SB]: “Captain Colice Vasquez of the Kingfisher, a vessel plying between this harbor and the Channel Islands, has received an order from Dr. Emmet Wemple of Oakland for forty seals for eastern shipment to be delivered within two months.”

May 6, 1902 [LAT/SB]: “The sloop Kingfisher, with a party of sealers, has gone to the islands in quest of seals for different points in the East.”

July 6, 1902 [LAT/SB]: “Frank Ybarra, an Indian sailor, intoxicated, was swept from the deck of the sloop Kingfisher and drowned Wednesday night, while on his way to Santa Rosa Island.”

August 6, 1902 [SBMP]: “The Kingfisher, Captain Vasquez, has sailed for the islands to catch twelve seals for Herbert Rogers.”

August 12, 1902 [LAT/SB]: “The Kingfisher, Captain Vasquez, arrived from Santa Cruz Island today with a number of seals consigned to Herbert Rogers of this city.”

September 17, 1902 [SBMP]: “The sloop Kingfisher, Captain Vasquez, is preparing for a sealing cruise about the islands. The captain has orders for 15 live seal.”

October 11, 1902 [SBMP]: “Colice Vasquez sailed yesterday for Anacapa Island in the sloop Kingfisher. He is after seals, and will remain at the island until he has a full cargo.”

January 20, 1903 [SBI]: “The schooner Kingfisher, Captain Vasquez, will sail for Santa Rosa Island tomorrow with several men and the island mail.”

March 12, 1903 [SBMP]: “Colice Vasquez set sail yesterday with the Kingfisher headed to Santa Cruz Island to secure a number of live seals for eastern shipment.”

March 14, 1904 [SBMP]: “Sunday’s severe storm — launches and small craft demolished in bay… Every small boat that was taken from the water on Saturday has either been sunk or washed ashore. The Pride, Alleen and Prima María are totally destroyed, and the Coquita lost and sunk, aggregating a property loss of about $7000. The Fortuna, Chispa, Kingfisher and Cady have been sunk, with a chance of being raised from the bottom of the ocean and repaired…”

January 28, 1905 [SBMP]: “The sloop Kingfisher has again returned to the channel waters, having arrived on Thursday from San Pedro, where she has been undergoing extensive repairs.”