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Harry Jason Lelande (1871-1965)

LELANDE, Harry Jason (1871-1965) [SS#555-24-9430] was born in Sonora, California. He attended the Sheffield Scientific Department at Yale in 1890. Lelande began working for the city of Los Angeles in the assessor’s office in 1899; the tax collectors office 1900-1902; after which he served as city clerk from 1903-1910. He became vice-president of the Southern Division of the Cooper Club in 1910. In 1896, Lelande married Mary Winifred Davidson (1876-1956) on August 19, 1895, and they had five children:

  • Reginald D. Lelande
  • Grace Dorothy Lelande (1901-
  • Marjorie Helen Lelande (1903-
  • Davidson St. Cyr Lelande (1908-1970)
  • Patricia Lelande (1911-

Directory of Members, Cooper Ornithological Club, May 1914:

  • H. J. Lelande. Court House, Los Angeles, CA 1897.

Lelande died at age 93 in Los Angeles.

Lelande collected on six California Channel Islands:

Island Collections~
Anacapa Island H. L. Lelande WFVZ April 5, 1906 WFVZ-116381 Vermivora celata Eggs
Anacapa Island H. L. Lelande LACM April 5, 1906 LACM-3974 Tringa incanus Birds
Anacapa Island H. L. Lelande LACM April 6, 1906 LACM-3954 Zonotrichia leucophrys gambelii Birds
Anacapa Island H. L. Lelande LACM April 6, 1906 LACM-3959 Empidonax difficilis insulicola Birds
Anacapa Island H. L. Lelande LACM April 6, 1906 LACM-3944 Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis Birds
Anacapa Island H. L. Lelande LACM April 6, 1906 LACM-3973 Phalaenoptilus nuttallii californicus Birds
Anacapa Island H. L. Lelande LACM April 6, 1906 LACM-21952 Phalaenoptilus nuttallii californicus Birds
Anacapa Island H. L. Lelande LACM May 1, 1906 LACM-3964 Passerculus sandwichensis alaudinus Birds
Anacapa Island H. L. Lelande FMNH May 1, 1906 FMNH-21130 Salpinctes obsoletus obsoletus Birds


1906 LACM birds


1906 LACM birds


1906 LACM birds

Santa Catalina Island H. J. Howard LACM April 26, 1909 LACM-2971 Falco peregrinus Birds


1906 LACM birds

In the News~

July 7, 1909: “The annual outing meeting of the Southern Division [Cooper Club] on board the good ship Flyer, somewhere between Santa Barbara and San Nicolas islands, with the following members [Cooper Ornithological Club] present: O. W. Howard, W. B. Judson, A. P. Howard, H. J. Lelande, C. B. Linton, Otto J. Zahn, Antonin Jay, Chester Lamb and Howard Robertson; also the following as visitors: C. A. Caldwell, It. A. Gaylord, H. F. Hossick, Emerson Knight, H. Linton… The party left Long Beach on Friday evening, July 2, for a three days’ trip to Santa Barbara and San Nicolas islands. Santa Barbara Island was first visited, the party arriving early Saturday morning, and most of the day was spent on the island where the gull and auklet colonies were examined… Leaving Santa Barbara Island about 3 P.M. the trip was made to San Nicolas Island, reaching the sand spit at the southeast end of the island about 8 P.M. Sunday July 4 was spent on the island by most of the party, some of whom walked around the island and examined the cormorant rookeries and the Indian burial grounds… After a hearty breakfast much enjoyed by all, Mr. Linton and O. W. Howard returned to shore to find Linton’s father who was camping at Northwest Harbor. We expected this would take but a short time, but, as it developed, it took all day, and as the wind again blew as strong as the day before, they were compelled to stay all night on shore. On Tuesday, July 6, after picking up Linton and Howard we started for Northwest Harbor and there found Linton, Sr. and, after taking him aboard, started for Long Beach…” [Condor 12(1):52 January-February 1910].

July 8, 1909 [LAH]: “Long Beach, July 7. The party of sixteen members of the Cooper Club of California who went to Santa Barbara Island July 3 in Captain W. H. Graves’ launch Flyer, returned last night with a large assortment of relics and interesting discoveries and with a story of having weathered one of the sharpest storms known among the Channel Islands for some years. Several different times members of the party were thrown overboard while trying to make landings through the heavy surf, and once several of the men had to stay all of one night and the following day in a small cave, being unable to return to their boat. In the party were Harry Lelande, city clerk of Los Angeles; attorney Howard Robertson, O. W. and Arthur Howard, Dr. Otto J. Zahn, W. B. Judson, H. F. Hossack, Antonio Jay, Emerson Knight, Dr. Horace Gaylord, H. N. Lowe, W. S. McQuilling, Chester Lamb, C. S. Caldwell, Clarence B. Linton, Horace Linton, Captain W. H. Graves, Mate Granis Crandall and Chef Victor Sepulveda.”

June 25, 1910 [LAH]: “San Pedro, June 24. Fears for the safety of V. W. Owen, George Willett, O. W. Howard, Anthony Jay and J. S. Appleton were relieved this afternoon when the launch Niedra arrived today from Santa Rosa Island where the party was detained for more than a week, Captain E. Hall being unable to land because of a strong northwester and heavy seas. The party left Los Angeles June 4, intending to pass ten days on the island gathering Indian relics and bird specimens for the Natural History and Ornithological Club of Los Angeles. It was their intention to leave the island June 15. After the work had been completed the party waited day after day for the storm to abate. Harry Lelande, N. N. Love and A. P. Howard were members of the original party, but left the island before the storm was at its height and reached home safely. The other members of the party secured provisions from the power schooner Santa Rosa Island and from the only ranch house on the island.”