LEON, Juan

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LEON, Juan (c. 1879- ), long-time Santa Cruz Island Company employee described by Helen Caire:

“Justinian Caire’s plan for the Main Ranch was masterful, sloping gently westward spread beyond the barnyard, larger than a football field. The red brick stable, with its high-arched entry outlined in white, gave an accent of color and character to the northern boundary, with the dark green walnut grove behind it. On one side was the saddle shop where Juan Leon, an expert in leather work, presided for as long as I can remember. Juan was slight, and squinting behind his ready-made glasses. The paisano was a chatty person with an eager ‘What’s doin?’ personality. He admired the toyon berries and made other chat as he took our horses.”

[portrait by George Dane]

The 1920 census lists John Leon, born in California of California-born parents, age 41, widowed, a hired man living on Santa Cruz Island with:

March 28, 1936 [E. G. Rett unpublished field notes, SBMNH]: “We bid old Juan Leon, our host, adios and got under way…”

The 1940 census lists John Leon, 46, living on Santa Cruz Island with:

  • Pete Olivari
  • G. Perla
  • Ah C Fong
  • Alvin U. Vasquez
  • Thomas Ward
  • John Leon, 46
  • George Save
  • Richard Boynton
  • Paul Wilson
  • J. T. Wilson
  • F. Ricci
  • James Kelsey
  • A. Kinzel
  • Baker S. Felren
  • Frenchy Gonzales
  • Jeff Wilson
  • G. W. Swartz

NOTE: His age is apparently under reported by 5 years in 1940.