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LIAW, Anthony (c. 1982-2009) drowned while free-diving at Casino Point. He was years old.

In the News~

Daily Breeze: “Anthony Tsing-hwa Liaw, "Tony" or "Pirate," 20 year resident of Torrance, CA tragically passed away while free diving at Casino Point, Santa Catalina Island on June 20, 2009. Tony was in the company of his sister, Jane Liaw Conlin and friends, having just completed a magnificent dive in the marine park. He had celebrated his 28th birthday just 2 days prior to his death. Born in Galveston Texas, Tony couldn't wait to come into this world at 27 weeks and 3.5 pounds, fitting into the palm of his parents' hands, Gary and Betty Liaw. He grew up in Torrance, California and attended Anza Elementary, Bert Lynn Middle School and West High School. Tony always loved the ocean, and could name every living and extinct species of shark by the time he was 8. When he was 13, he first tried scuba diving on a family trip to Hawaii. He instantly fell in love, and became PADI certified when he was 15. From then on, he spent as much time in the ocean as on land, logging over 2000 dives in the nooks and crannies of the California coast from Shaw's Cove to Malibu. Lobsters everywhere feared him. In 2005, he dove the Great Barrier Reef, a great highlight in his life. In 2007, he earned his bachelor's degree in Marine Biology from California State University Long Beach (CSULB). He went on to work as a Marine Biologist for the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission, California Department of Fish & Game, and could identify every species of Pacific rock fish on sight. He was an avid volunteer and supporter of the CSULB Science Learning Center and Mobile Science Museum, spending over 10 years educating children about marine animals and ocean conservation. Tony was also a passionate gun and firearms collector, and marksman. As the pirate "Rudius," he had a dedicated following in the game Dragon Realms, which he played for 13 years. He loved a good laugh, pranks, Less Than Jake, shooting in the desert with his friends, and recently fell in love with snowboarding, taking black diamond Cornice Bowl on only his second trip to Mammoth Mountain. He especially adored his dog Puppy, who preceded him in death on January 1, 2009. Tony is survived by his sister, Jane Liaw Conlin of Boston, MA and parents Betty and Gary Liaw of Torrance, CA. The Anthony T. Liaw Memorial Fund has been established in his memory to support the CSULB Science Learning Center and Mobile Science Museum, a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about science and marine biology first-hand. The CSULB Foundation is a 501 C3 non-profit charity, and tax-deductible gifts may be sent to: Jim McKibben, Director, Science Learning Center College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics, 1250 Bellflower Blvd, FO5-104 Long Beach, CA 90840-4501”