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Xiang Lin

LIN, Xiang ( c. 1974-2019), one of 34 passengers killed in the fire aboard the dive boat Conception on September 2, 2019. Lin was 45 years old.

In the News~

September 11 [edhat]: “Xiang was described as loving hiking, wind surfing, scuba diving and Fremont hiking spot Mission Peak. She was a partner at Acorn Summit Ventures where she focused on artificial intelligence and previously worked as an engineer and program manager at Apple, Microsoft and other Bay Area companies, reports Los Angeles Times. Xiang grew up in Beijing and was the captain of the women’s soccer team at her university. She then moved to the United States to attend Brown University, where she earned a master’s degree in computer science. “Her generosity and charisma made her many friends who remember and dearly miss her,” her family said. “She was warm, loving, athletic, courageous, intelligent, funny; her curiosity and passion have impacted and inspired many whom she came into contact with throughout her life," reports Los Angeles Times. She was 45 and lived in the San Francisco Bay area.”