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LOPEZ, Joseph R. (c. 1884-?), Vail & Vickers employee on Santa Rosa Island who was born in Arizona to Mexican parents.

The January 1928 Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Leaflet reported Joe Lopez of Santa Rosa Island:

“brought in to Mr. Rogers a scalp lock found in an Indian grave on the island. Mr. Rogers said that this is the first time in all his excavation that he has found any of the Indian hair still preserved.”

Joe Lopez = Angelita (c. 1893-)

  • 1. Josephine Lopez (c. 1914-)
  • 2. William Lopez (c. 1916-)
  • 3. Elizabeth Lopez (c. 1918-)
  • 4. Ray Lopez (c. 1920-)

Lopez and several relatives lived and worked on Santa Rosa Island:


E.K. Smith recalled: “We went to school on the island. There were eight of us then: the Lopez family with Josephine, William, Isabelle and Ray Lopez. There was Hayden Hunt’s daughter Pamela—she was the smallest of the group. And then there was my brother Charlie, myself, and my younger sister Frances [1920-1988]. Every year we had a new teacher.”