LOUD, Catherine MacLean

From Islapedia
c. 1904
Picturesque Santa Catalina
Published by Denison News Company,
Los Angeles, Cal.
The Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.;
18 pages, photogravures.
Hole-punched and ribbon-bound wraps.
A very early Catalina item.
Photo of Incline (Angel's Flight)
Ex-lib. Catherine MacLean Loud.
[original in SCIF archives]

LOUD, Catherine Winifred MacLean (1899-1984)[SS# 567-86-5453], author of a Santa Catalina Island unpublished manuscript that spans the history of Avalon before and after the turn of the century, from 1887-1915. It is fiction, based largely on fact turned into prose. Some of it is in the form of a diary:

Catherine MacLean was born to Canadian, John Douglas MacLean (1860-1951), who married Winnie Sarah Tarona Morris (1866-1934). MacLean immigrated from Canada in 1887. They had four children:

  • Catherine Winifred MacLean [Loud] (1899-1984) born in Avalon; Avalon Cemetery
  • Rodrick MacLean (1902-1993) born in Avalon; Avalon Cemetery
  • Freida A. MacLean [Lomax] (1904-1967) bornin Avalon; Avalon Cemetery
  • Elizabeth Morris MacLean [Spencer] (1908-1962) born in Avalon; Avalon Cemetery

Catherine MacLean was born in Avalon, Santa Catalina Island on January 23, 1899. She married Oliver Stuart Loud (1896-1970). They lived variously in Avalon, Hollywood, Alameda, and Berkeley.

Son, Douglas Stuart Loud (1924-1958) was born in Hollywood.

Catherine MacLean Loud died in North Hollywood on June 1, 1984. All three Louds, Oliver and Catherine and son Douglas, are buried in Avalon cemetery.

In the News~

August 5, 1925 [TI/Avalon]: “Mrs. Catherine Loud and infant son, of Berkeley, are spending the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs John D. MacLean, of Avalon.”