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In the News~

November 11, 1908 [SBI]: “Word was received in Santa Barbara today that an Italian fisherman named Lucero was drowned off Santa Cruz Island last Saturday while fishing. Although details of the accident are meager, it is understood that Lucero was engaged in crawfishing. Whether the skiff was overturned by Lucero, while pulling up his traps, or whether it was capsized by a wave, is not known. The skiff drifted in later, however, as mute evidence of the death of its occupant. Yesterday brother fishermen were still looking for the body of the drowned man, but last night no trace of it had been found. It is thought the body became lodged in the kelp beds where it is probably held. Lucero was working at the Scorpion Camp on the south side of Santa Cruz Island. The sea has been running high for several days an don the south side of Santa Cruz in particular the water has been very rough.”

November 21, 1908 [SBMP]: “Lucero’s body found at sea. Coroner A.M. Ruiz and S. R. McDonald, and assistant to undertaker S. T. Ricketts, will leave here this morning on a power schooner with Captain Vasquez for Santa Cruz Island, to bring to this city the body of Lucero, the crawfish catcher who was drowned off the island on November 7. Lucero and a fellow fisherman left Scorpion camp on Santa Cruz Island on November 7, in a rowboat, to visit another camp. It is believed they were intoxicated, according to the coroner, when they left. The boat was upset and Lucero’s companion declares he never saw him after the boat capsized. Last Sunday a fisherman found the body of Lucero entangled in the kelp off the island, near the spot where the tragedy occurred. He towed it ashore, where it has remained ever since. Word was sent here yesterday and Coroner Ruiz arranged to leave today.”