LUGO, Avelino

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LUGO, Avelino [Abelino, Abalino, Evalino] (1855-1932) was a Santa Barbara native, born July 25, 1855, the son of Eugene Lugo and Maria Concepcion Pico. For many years he worked as a laborer on Santa Cruz Island.

Abalino Lugo “seemed to croak with the voice of doom when he spoke. He would look at the crows [ravens] and remark ‘Son las almas de los indios que vuelvan a molestar los blancos.’” They are the souls of the Indians. They have returned to pester the white people. [McElrath On Santa Cruz Island, 1967: 108].

Helen Caire described him:

“Abalino Lugo, the stableman and general chore man, was a dour old Santa Barbara Spaniard. When a young man, a horse fell on him and broke Abalino’s leg. He had lain in an arroyo for three days before they found him. The leg was probably badly set if at all and as a consequence was crooked and he walked with a limp. Add to this a pair of loose bob overalls tied around the middle with a strap for a belt, a large sombrero, and handlebar mostachos and you have the picture.”
“The old dodge must have been in use, so Abalino hitched up dappled gray Evelina to the cart, and we drove out on the Camino del Este.
“The old dodge must have been in use, so Abalino hitched up dappled gray Evelina to the cart, and we drove out on the Camino del Este.
We rode down to the stable where Abalino, the stableman, was very interested to hear about our day.; Abalino, the stableman, especially took pride in keeping the stable in order. He had been at the island when my young mother and aunts rode on side saddles and wore divided skirts. We could not remember any other stableman. He was not at the island this December (1932). Rheumatism kept him on the mainland, wistfully looking across the channel.” [1993: 137, 146, 171]

Abelino Lugo died on August 21, 1932 at 77 years of age. At the time of his death, he was living with Mrs. Louis Rezzonico at 104 West Cota Street. Lugo is buried in Calvary Cemetery, Santa Barbara. He has no headstone.

[portrait by George Dane]

The 1920 census lists Abelino Lugo, 64, single, hired man, living on Santa Cruz Island with:

  • Clifford McElrath, 28
  • Hercules Picos, 47
  • Charles A. Valdez, 50
  • John Leon, 41
  • Alesandro Delloca, 55
  • Giacomo Bortolazzo, 43
  • Abelino Lugo, 65
  • Francisco Pogliasotti, 72
  • Henrique Lopez, 47
  • Giovanni Dianez, 53
  • Walter Maglio, 15
  • Giovanni Cognazzi, 43
  • Petro Olivari, 33
  • Angelo Traina, 64
  • Angelo Larenzetti, 23
  • Thomas Lewelling, 20
  • Louis Pasquotto, 26

In the News~

February 9, 1909 [Italia]: “Pro' Danneggiati. Il nostro buno amico ed abbonato Signor U. Revel, residente a Santa Cruz Island in Contea di Santa Barbara, assunto il gentile e patriottico incarico di raccogliere sottoscrizioni fra i connazionalli di quella nostra colonia a pro degli sventurati del grande disastro italiano, non solo comincio a sottoscrivere personaimente per la somma di 19 dollari, ma riusel a raccogliere $80 che egli el ha rimessi inseime alla lista che qui appresso pubblichiamo: Ulrico Revel $10.00; Grazzini Michele 0.50; Pietro Nocetti $2.00; Bartolomeo Passamount $1.00; Guiseppe Vendrame $1.00; Guglielmo Grazzini 0.50; Pasquale Sacconaghi $2.00; Pietro Olivari; Angelo Bosio $1.00; Antonio Sacconaghi $1.00; Pietro Micono $1.00; Rodolfo Sartori $1.00; Giovanni Zanetti $1.00; Lorenzo Raimondo 0.50; Giovanni Pasquetti $3.00; Attilio Bozzella $1.00; Pietro Erbetta $1.00; Giovanni Cantoni $1.00; Battista Mezzanotte $1.00; Marco Cavalli $2.00; Pietro Lazzarotto $1.00; Primo Cavalli $2.00; Domenico Rava $1.00; Ambrogio Mainini $1.00; Abramo Cavestri $1.00; Domenico Rava $1.00; Ambrogio Mainini $1.00; Abramo Cavestri $1.00; Antonio Re $1.00; Amabile Bosio $1.00; Spirito Welchior $2.00; Alpivolo Cortopassi $1.00; Alessandro Delboca $1.00; Domenico Dezzutti $1.00; Fiore Piasani $1.00; Enriquo Lopez $1.00; Battista Perini $1.50; Battista Pasquetti $1.00; Bernardo Donchi $ 1.00; Avelino Lugo $5.00; Pedro Lugo $1.00; Ilario Lugo $1.00; Giovanni Cagnazzi $10.00; Carlo Carnaghi $5.00; Giuseppe Saccomaghi $1.00; Secondo Cavalli $1.00; Gerolamo Offredi $1.00; Angelo Castagnola $1.00; Giorgio Nidever $1.00; Jacobo Nidever $1.00.”

Translated: Pro 'Damaged. Our good friend and subscriber Mr. U. Revel, residing in Santa Cruz Island in Santa Barbara County, assumed the polite and patriotic task of collecting subscriptions among the connections of that colony of ours for the unfortunate of the great Italian disaster, not only do I begin to sign personally for the sum of 19 dollars, but he managed to collect $ 80 which he put back together with the list that we publish below:...

December 11, 1919 [SCICo]: “Santa Barbara County National Bank. One of our men, Abelino Lugo, informs me that in June 1919while in Santa Barbara he borrowed $130 from you, giving as security two liberty bonds, one for $100 and the other for $50. The loan was to run six months and falls due this month, December. He is desirous of redeeming the bonds...”

August 21, 1932 [SBMP]: “Evalino Lugo, aged resident, succumbs. Evalino Lugo, one of Santa Barbara’s oldest residents, died yesterday morning in his home at 104 West Cota Street. He was 78 years old. Lugo was born in Santa Barbara. Cause of his death was thought to be a heart attack. None of Lugo’s relatives had been reached last night. His body was taken to Eppel & Kurtz mortuary to await completion of funeral arrangements today.”