La Lancha Dolce

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La Lancha Dolce (# ) (-2005)

In the News~

February 18-March 3, 2005 [THe Log]: “Three people were rescued Feb. 12 by the Coast Guard after their boat ran aground on Santa Barbara Island. The Coast Guard said it received a mayday call at 4:15 a.m. from La Lancha Dolce” reporting that the three people aboard the 29-foot vessel had to abandon ship after running aground on the rocks at the base of a cliff on Santa Barbara Island. A Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter from Air Station Los Angeles found that two of the people from the grounded boat were on the rocks, and one was missing. A rescue swimmer from the helicopter found the third person in the water and assisted him to the rocks. Low on fuel, the Dolphin helicopter departed the scene — leaving the three occupants of the boat and the Coast Guard rescue swimmer on the rocks — and returned to its Los Angeles base. A San Diego-based Jayhawk helicopter arrived and deployed its rescue swimmer to recover the three people and the rescue swimmer from the Dolphin helicopter. All four were hoisted into the Jayhawk helicopter, and the three rescued boaters were transported to Torrance Hospital. Santa Barbara Island, the smallest of the Channel Islands, lies off the coast 38 miles southwest of San Pedro.”