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Larco's La Paloma
Photo: Santa Barbara Historical Society

La Paloma (#) (), sailboat owned by Sebastian Larco used as a charter vessel for sailing parties. It was built and operated in the Santa Barbara Channel during the same years Captain Banning's La Paloma was running out of Wilmington to Santa Catalina Island.

In the News~

April 29, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “There is another new boat on the bay, smaller than the Restless, La Paloma by name, and she skims the waters like a white pigeon. La Paloma is owned by Sebastian Larco, and on Thursday his brother Genoa [?] took out a party of ten for a delightful sail. The boat is a little racer, and she shows her heels to every other craft on the water. Everyone who lives in Santa Barbara knows the Larcos. They are born sailors, every one of them. There is a tradition generally believed that Mr. Larco Sr. could sail a boat with ease when he was four years old. Certain it is that his sons are known and trusted for their skill in managing a sail, and that quick sailor’s instinct which foresees and recognizes every change of wind and weather.” [also May 4, 1893 SBDI]

July 11, 1893 [SBDI]: “Sebastian Larco's sailboat, La Paloma, is being painted and other improvements are being made.”

July 24, 1893 [SBDI]: “Captain Waters had a party out for a sail Saturday in his sloop Liberty. Sunday afternoon there were several parties out, and the Liberty, La Paloma, Genova, Pride of Santa Barbara and other boats were sailing in the channel at the same time.”

August 3, 1893 [SBDI]:La Paloma, one of Larco's sailboats, took a party out to meet the Restless this afternoon.”

October 25, 1893 [LAT/SB]: “The yacht La Paloma is beached, and will be taken in for the winter.”

June 5, 1894 [SBMP]: “Captain Larco's sailing boats, La Paloma and Genova, were out in the channel Sunday with two parties numbering ten and twenty-five.”

July 24, 1894 [SBMP]: “The La Paloma was out Sunday with a large pleasure party on board.”

August 18, 1894 [SBMP]: “Captain Sebastian Larco with his boat La Paloma, has been engaged to take an excursion party of ten to Carpinteria today.”

November 1, 1897 [LAT/SB]: “Captain A. Larco married Wesley Johnson and Lulu Casner from Montalvo, Ventura County, on board the schooner La Paloma, in the channel yesterday. No cause was assigned for this serious attack of mal de mer.”

June 26, 1898 [SBMP]:La Paloma, the favorite yacht of the channel, is now ready for service. La Paloma is most admirably fitted for the accommodation of pleasure parties, with every arrangement for comfort and safety. Apply to Sebastian Larco, 123 state street.”

July 11, 1898 [LAH]: The yacht La Paloma, which started for San Clemente Island yesterday morning, returned in the evening. When out about fifteen miles the barometer fell as though it was going right on through the bottom of the glass, and Capt. Goodfellow decided that the safest course was to turn and run for the shelter of the island before the expected blow should set in. The yacht was sighted from the seal rocks and the launch Narod was sent out to tow them in.”

July 14, 1898 [LAT/SB]: “John Fuller of Summerland has purchased the yacht La Paloma from Sebastian Larco of this city.”

August 2, 1898 [LAT/SB]: “The yacht La Paloma carried a pleasure party from Summerland yesterday to the Channel Islands, and is expected to return today.”

March 28, 1900 [SBMP]:La Paloma, Captain Sebastian Larco, is overhauling and painting his speedy little yacht preparatory to putting her in the water for the season.”

September 13, 1900 [SBMP]: “Dr. Warnekros entertained a number of friends by giving them a sailing party on the yacht, La Paloma, Tuesday night.”

October 3, 1900 [SBMP]: “The yacht Paloma was beached yesterday and dismantled. The boat will now be taken out of the water for the winter.”

September 4, 1901 [SBMP]: “The yacht, La Paloma, sailed for Santa Cruz Island last morning. The party will visit all points of interest on the Channel Islands and return to their home.”

October 15, 1901 [SBMP]: “Of the fleet of boats which make the summer lively on the channel a large percentage have been dismantled and the rest are at their winter moorings near the kelp… La Paloma will be missed until the mild summer weather calls back her rigging and a jolly crowd of Sunday afternoon yachtsmen.”

May 14, 1902 [SBMP]: “Larco's pleasure yacht, La Paloma, which has been undergoing an overhauling, is now in first class condition and ready to take out pleasure parties.”

August 6, 1904 [SBMP]: “Captain Ulpiano Larco has a party out in the Paloma yesterday. A big catch of different kinds was made, including ten fine large albacore.”

June 24, 1907 [SBI]: “Ulpiano Larco entertained a number of friends yesterday cruising about the channel in the sailboat La Paloma.”

September 7, 1915 [SBMP]: “Robert Doulton, Buell Hammett and party returned yesterday from Santa Cruz Island where they have been spending a few days. They made that voyage in the old favorite of the channel, La Paloma.”