La Reata, publication of the Santa Barbara Corral of the Westerners

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La Reata, publication of the Santa Barbara Corral of the Westerners. The first issue appeared in Autumn 1976.

  • 1976. La Reata Number 1. Autumn 1976.
Monsen, Courtnay. The San Francisco Earthquake 1: 3-7
Genns, Whitney T. San Miguel Island "Crookery" 1:11-14
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1977. La Reata Number 2. Summer 1977.
Davidson, Harold G. The Golden Years of the Circus in Santa Barbara 2:3-7
Joseph Maynard Geiger, O.F.M. A Fellow Westerner 1901-1977 2:8-10
Greenberg, Ken. Santa Barbara's Postal History in the 1850s 2:14-15
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1978. La Reata Number 3. Spring 1978.
Bonilla, I. A. "Ike". From Sheepherder to Cowboy in Old Santa Barbara 3:3-4
Miracle, Ralph B. Prarie Palaver 3:5-8
Choate, Rufus M. "Lucky" Baldwin. Mining Speculator, Racing Enthusiast and Lothario 3:9-14
Valdez Harbor, Santa Cruz Island picnic with the Boreins, 1924 3:15
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1979. La Reata Number 4. Fall 1979.
Whitehead, Richard. Santa Barbara's Latent Asset, The Royal Presidio 4:3-9
In Memorium: Whitney T. Genns (1900-1979) 4:10-11
Bond, Marshall Jr. Boyhood Adventures 4:12-15
In Memorium: Don Louis Perceval 4:16-17
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1983. La Reata Number 5. Fall 1983. [Women admitted as members]
Davidson, Harold G. Edward Borein: Santa Barbara's Renowned Western Artist 5:38
Smith, Clifton F. A Santa Barbara Gem [Wood pamphlet] 5:9-13
Daily, Marla and Carey Stanton Historical Highlights of Santa Cruz Island 5:14-19
Blakley. E. R. "Jim". The Manzana Schoolhouse 5:20-25
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1984. La Reata Number 6. Fall 1984.
Easton, Robert. Early Cattle Drives 6:3-8
Weber, Francis J. Serra Imprint on California 6:9-10
Dibblee, Thomas W. Jr. Ramblings of a Local Geologist in California 6:11-19 [photo of Dibblee on Santa Rosa Island p.11]

  • 1987. La Reata Number 7. Summer 1987. Remembering Los Alamos.
Johnson, John R. Los Alamos in the Days of the Chumash 7:1-5
Gewe, Henry. Los Alamos is born 7:6-13
Norris, Jim. County Schools Countdown 7:14-16
Douglas, Joyce McDavid. Why the SheriffWears a Dull Badge 7:16
Norris, Jim. Three Los A;amos School Districts 7:17-18
A Shocker: The Los Alamos Earthquake of 1902 7:19

  • 1988. La Reata Number 8. Summer 1988.
Tompkins, Wakler A. Queen Annie of Glen Annie. 8:1-20

  • 1989. La Reata Number 9. Autumn 1989. Fire and Brimstone. A History of the Knapp Estate on East Camino Cielo.
Sutcliffe, Judy, assisted by E. R. Blakley A Fiery Finale 9:1-16

  • 1990. La Reata Number 10. Autumn 1990. Bookselling in Santa Barbara.
Johnson, Charles. Bookselling in Santa Barbara. A Brief Account of the Years 1870-1933. 10:1-12
Kelley, Eric. A History of the Book Den. 10:13-22

  • 1991. La Reata, Number 11. Autumn, 1991. Cowpunching on the Casitas.
Redmon, Michael. Casitas Ranch: A Brief History. 11:
Stott, Louis Noble. Cowpunching as an Athletic Sport 11:

  • 1994. La Riata, Number 12. Norris, Jim and Lynn. History of Zaca Lake Los Olivos: Los Olicos Press, (1994). Perfect-bound wraps. Published as No. 12 La Reata, Commemorating: Fifty Years of Westerners; Twenty Years of the Santa Barbara Corral. Cover photo by Bill Dewey. With ephemera laid in, including a program for the 3rd Annual Homesteader's Day at Zaca Lake, October 10, 1981.
[original in SCIF archives; ex-lib MDD]

  • 1996. La Reata, Number 13. Autumn 1996. Contributions from Members.
Storke, Carol E. and Tensie Whelan. Charles A. Storke II. Early years in Santa Barbara—Memories of an Octogenarian 13:1-4
Hasse, Ynez D. A Greene & Greene Building 13:5-10
Merritt, John. Uncle George [George Phoenix 1848-1928] 13:11-16
Redmon, Mike. The Gledhill Library 13:17-20
Smith, Clif. Only Known Cover for Asphaltea 13: 21-23
Days, Mary Louise. The One-Hundred-Year-Old Alexander Building 13:24-32
Norris, Jim. Santa Barbara Pobladores and Those Mentioned in the Santa Barbara Company 13:33-42

  • 1998. La Reata, Number 14. Winter, 1998. Tom Dibblee Issue.