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Labor (#222693) (1920-1924), a 59-foot 42-ton gas screw purse seiner owned by the Van Camp Seafood Company as a part of its tuna fleet. Labor operated out of San Pedro in the 1920s. On the evening of October 2, 1924 her mooring broke and the boat drifted onto the rocks on the south side of Anacapa Island. Captain Visko Spero was unable to start her engines because kelp had fouled the propeller. The crew of eight survived, but the vessel and its 3 tons of barracuda were lost in the wreck. [MVUS 1925]

In the News~

October 4, 1924 [SBMP]: “Purse seiner strikes rocks off Anacapa Island. Crew of 10 aboard. The purse seiner Labor, with a crew of ten men aboard, is aground on the rocks on the windward side of Anacapa Island, off Santa Barbara, according to Associated Press dispatches received here. The Labor, in a radio message to the Merchant and Shippers’ Tugboat Company of San Pedro, requested the services of a salvage tug. The fishing vessel of 43 gross tonnage, is one of the larger operating out of San Pedro, and is owned by the Van Camp Seafood Company. The craft is reported to have torn its hull. The Red Stack tug Plot has been sent to its rescue, while the members of the crew have taken off by other fishing boats in the locality.”

October 5, 1924 [OT]: “Santa Barbara, October 4. Ten fishermen, members of the launch Labor’s crew, were recuperating here tonight from exposure suffered when their boat was wrecked today off the coast of Santa Cruz Island. The men were from San Pedro. The craft grounded Friday night and broke up rapidly on the rugged island shore. The crew was able to reach land with difficulty, and the men were brought here by another boat.”