Laguna Canyon, Santa Cruz Island

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Laguna Canyon, Santa Cruz Island (Cañada Laguna) [Sp., lake] is one of the major drainages on the south side of the island. A map drawn in February of 1886 (#50), shows a series of corrals at the canyon mouth as well as possible land for cultivation. The beach at Laguna Harbor is accessible by a rough road which drops down from the top of the South Ridge Road and follows Laguna Canyon bottom to the beach. An 1886 map (#55) illustrates how sheep were run out of Laguna Canyon into corrals in the Cañada del Medio. Laguna is named for the small estuary at the mouth of the canyon which fills with water in times of heavy rains.

In March 1932 Ralph Hoffmann collected the rare island endemic Sibara filifolia on “stony ridge above Laguna Canyon.”

This place name appears on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet B topographic map.