Laguna Harbor, Santa Cruz Island

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Laguna Harbor, Santa Cruz Island is located at the mouth of Laguna Canyon on the south side of the island. It is not a commonly used anchorage and there is a strong undertow offshore.

This place name appears on the Santa Cruz Island Sheet B topographic map.

In the News~

1908: “...Big Jerry told us about an accident that had recently happened up at the next harbor, Laguna. Three men had chartered a boat, the Real from San Pedro, to go hog hunting. They dropped anchor at Laguna and started to row ashore in the skiff. Laguna beach is very treacherous, as the local fishermen knew; only an experienced surf man could land there, and even he must know his stuff. The swells had been high that day, and the skiff upset. Seeing the men in trouble, the captain jumped overboard and managed to pull one man to safety on the beach, but the other, a policeman, drowned. It had taken several people, including Big Jerry and his partner who had happened to be in the area, to form a human chain in the surf to retrieve the drowned man's body. They other man they found wandering up the canyon with no clothes on, half-crazy. In trying to get the body back to the boat they had upset the skiff again, and Big Jerry had found himself in the ocean with the body around his neck. Finally they got it aboard and took it back to Venice for burial...” [Eaton, Margaret Diary of a Sea Captain's Wife: Tales of Santa Cruz Island, (1980) p. 86]