Leaflets of Western Botany

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Leaflets of Western Botany, owned and published by John Thomas Howell and Alice Eastwood, published 4 issues a year for 34 years, from 1932 thru 1966.

Alice Eastwood (1859-1953). She is credited with building the botanical collection at the California Academy of Sciences, in San Francisco. She published over 310 scientific articles and authored 395 land plant species names, the fourth-highest number of such names authored by any female scientist. There are seventeen currently recognized species named for her, as well as the genera Eastwoodia and Aliciella.

John Thomas Howell (1903-1994). Assistant to Alice Eastwood. He was a renowned botanist and botanical collection director at the California Academy of Science.

Stanley Larsen Welsh (1928- ). American Botanist. He has worked as professor of integrative biology at the Brigham Young University for 44 years and was the founding curator of that university's herbarium, which is named after him.

  • LEAFLETS OF WESTERN BOTANY bound volumes, complete 1947-1958
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1933. Eastwood, Alice New manzanitas from Santa Cruz Island, California Leaflets of Western Botany 1:61-63, 1933

  • 1941. Eastwood, Alice The islands of southern California and a list of the recorded plants Leaflets of Western Botany 3(2):27-36 and 3(3):54-78, 1941

  • 1949. Howell, John Thomas Eight Days in the Revillagigedo Islands Leaflets of Western Botany 5(10):157-162, 1949
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1950. Moran, Reid V. Plants of the Todos Santos Islands, Baja California Leaflets of Western Botany 6(2):53-56, 1950
[original in SCIF archives]

  • 1951. Smith, Clifton F. Notes on Two California Weeds Leaflets of Western Botany 6(5):112, 1951
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  • 1957. Cantelow, E. and H. Cantelow Biographical Notes on persons in whose honor Alice Eastwood named native plants Leaflets of Western Botany 8(5):83-101, 1957
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