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Lewis Cass (#242732) (1943-1943)

An American freighter of 7176 gross tons that sank at Isla Guadalupe two miles southwest of Northern Point, on January 26, 1943. Eleven of the crew were rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Hermes. While on a voyage from Los Angeles to Balboa with military stores, the American Liberty ship Lewis Cass was wrecked at Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

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In the News~

March 1, 1943 [San Bernardino Sun]: “Ship Wrecked on Guadalupe. Los Angeles. February 28.—Loss of a medium-size U.S.merchant ship more than a month ago when it was driven by a storm on the precipitous Guadalupe Island, 310 miles south of here, was just revealed today with the release of the survivor's story. Robert Elliott, 34, of Pasadena, and Donald Pickett, 21, listed only as from Texas, messmen, were lost when a lifeboat capsized, plunging 19 men into the sea. All others on the boat, 66 including a navy gun crew, were rescued but one lifeboat with 17 aboard drifted at sea 20 days before being found by a coast guard vessel. The men told how they rationed themselves to six ounces of water apiece daily.”