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Lillian (#) (1888-)

In the News~

July 8, 1888 [SBMP]: “A handsome steam yacht for a Santa Barbara party is being built in San Francisco and will be ready for use about September 1st. It will be for hire and will run between here and the islands.”

August 23, 1888 [SBMP]: “A handsome new steam yacht called the Lillian is now receiving the finishing touches in San Francisco. She is owned by Harvey and Wilson of Santa Barbara, and will reach here between the first and fifteenth of September. She is a splendid built boast, 11-1/2 feet beam by 62 feet in length, and will accommodate from 45 to 50 people. She will run as an excursion boat to the islands and various points of interest near Santa Barbara.”

September 24, 1888 [SBDI]: “H. G. Harvey will leave for San Francisco Tuesday to bring his new steam yacht Lillian, built expressly for him, to Santa Barbara. He will bring as a cargo 35,000 feet of lumber to be used in constructing a hotel on San Miguel Island. The gentlemen interested are Judge W. I. Nichols and W. G. Waters, the owner of the island. The intention is to build a first class rustic hotel, with eating accommodations for about 100 guests. All the beef, mutton and fish used will be from the island, and parties going over will live as well, if not better, than on the mainland. In connection with the hotel scheme, the steam yacht Lillian will convey passengers across the channel and will run excursions during the winter. The boat will be a welcomed addition to Santa Barbara’s fleet, and she already has work enough to keep her busy for some time. The site for the hotel has been selected and work will be commenced as soon as the material arrives.”

October 1, 1888 [SBDI]: “The steam yacht Lillian will leave San Francisco tomorrow or next day for this port. The Lillian was built especially for carrying passengers, and the item published lately in the Independent, accusing her of carrying lumber, seems to have been a mistake. The owners are Messrs. Horace A. Wilson and H. G. Harvey. We believe it is the intention of the owners to utilize the yacht for carrying pleasure parties across to the Channel Islands, and in this way, we hope the enterprise will prove a success.”

October 11, 1888 [SBDI]: “The Lillian arrived yesterday from San Francisco.”

October 15, 1888 [SBDI]: “The new steam yacht Lillian took out a party of about twenty yesterday for a short trip up and down the channel. The boat has been found too narrow, and Tuesday she will probably leave for San Pedro where some alterations will be made.”

October 16, 1888 [SBMP]: “A large pleasure party went out sailing in the yacht Lillian Sunday afternoon.”

October 19, 1888 [SBDI]: “The following party has chartered the steam yacht Lillian and will start for the islands Monday, returning Wednesday: Mrs. Niles, Miss Clark, Miss Natalie Anderson, Miss Redington, Miss Kate Alexander, and Messrs. Redington, William Alexander and Carl Stoddard.”

October 20, 1888 [SBDI]: “The steam yacht Lillian will take an excursion party over to Santa Cruz Island tomorrow, starting in the morning and returning to Santa Barbara at 7 o’clock in the evening. It is calculated to give those who go about five hours to spend on the island.”

October 22, 1888 [SBDI]: “The yacht Lillian took a party of about over to Santa Cruz Island yesterday morning and returned in the evening. The trip across was delightful, but coming back the sea was quite rough. The little steamer was very steady, however, and safely rode the waves. This morning another large party left for Santa Cruz Island, and will return tomorrow night.”

October 22, 1888 [SBDI]: “The Misses Ellen and Fanny Cooper left this morning with a large party for Santa Cruz Island.”

October 23, 1888 [SBMP]: “A party of about twenty ladies and gentlemen went over to Santa Cruz Island and back in the yacht Lillian last Sunday.”

October 24, 1888 [SBDI]: “The steam yacht Lillian returned from Santa Cruz Island this morning with the large party that went over Monday.”

October 25, 1888 [SBMP]: “A large pleasure party returned from Santa Cruz Island in the steam yacht Lillian yesterday afternoon.”

October 27, 1888 [SBMP]: “The steam yacht Lillian is expected to leave Sunday for San Pedro.”

October 29, 1888 [SBDI]: “The steam yacht Lillian left yesterday for San Pedro, where she will be remodeled.”

May 22, 1889 [SBMP]: “The steam yacht Lillian, formerly owned in Santa Barbara, has been purchased by Captain L. P. Harvey and others of San Francisco. She will be overhauled and put in first-class condition and will be used as a pleasure boat.”