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Linda (#106961)(1883-1905), steamship built by Phineas Banning in 1883. She was wrecked in a northeaster at Avalon, Santa Catalina Island in 1905 while being used as a tank barge in carrying water from Crystal Springs to Avalon. [Huntington. Banning Album 180(593)]

In the News~

March 8, 1896 [LAT/SCat]: “Avalon. …The yachts La Paloma and Linda make trips to Seal Rocks, the Isthmus and other points of interest whenever visitors desire…”

September 25, 1898 [LAT/SCat]: “John N. Anunsen, superintendent of Heldmaier, Neu & Co., contractors of Chicago, arrived yesterday, and is at the Metropole. Yesterday afternoon he visited the rock quarries on the island and, in company with Captain William Banning and Hancock Banning, making the trip in the Linda.”

In the News~