Baby’s Cove, Santa Cruz Island

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Aerial of Lady's Harbor (left) and Baby's (right),
Santa Cruz Island

Baby’s Cove, Santa Cruz Island (Baby’s Harbor, Little Lady's Cove), at the mouth of Baby’s Canyon, is a popular boating anchorage on the north shore of the island located immediately to the east of its mother, Lady’s Harbor.

In the May 1932 Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History leaflet, Director Ralph Hoffmann reported on the last day of his March visit: “On a steep slope above Baby’s Canyon, next to Lady’s, the Director found five or six bushes of the Coffee Berry, Rhamnus californica, common on the mainland, but not hitherto reported from any of the Channel Islands.”

The big leaf maple (Acer macrophyllum) is found in the vicinity, as is the uncommon subspecies of California coffee berry, Rhamnus californica ssp. tomentella.

Duncan Gleason wrote of Lady's and Little Lady's coves [1950 p. 77]: “A narrow canyon rises from the beach and a brook cascades from springs high up, forming miniature waterfalls and pools overhung with lush green foliage and ferns.”