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Lama (Lama) (1826-), American-built brig-rigged vessel of 145 tons and 6 guns, built in Boston, Mass. for owners, Bryant and Sturgis. These Boston merchants used Llama for trade on the Northwest coast and Hawaii under command of Captain William Henry McNeill (1803-1875). McNeill was an American, born in Boston and best known for his 1830 expedition as the captain of the brig Llama, which sailed from Boston, Massachusetts, 12,000 miles around Cape Horn, to the Pacific Northwest on a fur trading expeditionLlama entered Camosack Harbor (Victoria), British Columbia in 1830. In 1932, Llama was purchased by Chief Factor Finlayson, a Canadian Hudson's Bay Company officer, in Honolulu. In order for McNeill to work for the company, it made an exception to its policy of requiring that all of its employees be British subjects.

In 1832 she was owned by the Hudson's Bay Co., London. In 1837 Llama was sold to Captain John Bancroft who became her master.

In the autumn of 1838, according to historian, H. H. Bancroft, Captain John Bancroft and Llama landed at Santa Rosa Island with "twenty-five fierce Kaiganies." Later he went to Santa Catalina Island to hunt otter, and on November 21, after a quarrel with one of these northwestern Indians, he was shot in back and mortally wounded. His wife, who was on board the vessel, threw herself upon his body and was also wounded. Mrs. Bancroft died about two months afterward, "from the effects of her wounds. (Williamson, Mrs. M. Burton History of Santa Catalina Island 1903)

Sailing schedule: First trip~

  • January 23-February 19, 1838 Honolulu, Northwest coast
  • July 12, 1838 left California
  • July 30-August 30, 1838 Honolulu
  • ____ 1838 Northwest coast

Second trip with 25 Kaigani (Tlingit Haida) Indians in 1838~ owner Eliab Grimes of Honolulu

  • November 15, 1838 left Point Conception
  • November 16-21, 1838 San Miguel Island
  • November 22-23, 1838 Santa Rosa Island
  • November 28, 1838 left Point Conception
  • December 26, 1838 arrived Kaigani
  • January 13, 1839 arrived Honolulu

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