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Lotus (#141743) (1901-1921) was a 92-foot, 76-ton commercial steam schooner out of San Francisco, built in Tacoma, Washington in 1901 by Crawford & Reid. Lotus was owned by Captain James S. Christensen of Oakland. On September 14, 1921, while enroute to San Diego, a fire started in the cargo hold and Lotus burned to the waterline and sank off Anacapa Island. The eight people on board took to a lifeboat and were picked up by the steamer Humoldt. They were unhurt.

In the News~

September 19, 1921 [SDET]: “Constituting a menace to coastwise navigation, the hulk of the schooner Lotus, which burned last Wednesday night off the central California coast, is floating six or eight miles from Anacapa Island, according to a report from Capt. Randall Rogers, master of the steamer Harvard, to the branch hydrographic office. The hulk is reported to have burned to the level of the water and cannot be seen until a vessel is within a few feet of it. It cannot be seen at all at night or in a fog, and is of such bulk that certain disaster will result to any coastwise ship which runs upon it. The exact location of the derelict is reported to be latitude 24 degrees west, longitude 119 degrees, 11 minutes north. Fire on the Lotus started in the forward hold. The burning vessel is reported to have blown up after the crew was taken off.”