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Louise (#284611) (1960-1967), 43-fiit cabin cruiser, a vessel of 24 gross tons, burned on August 28, 1967 about 4.9 miles from Catalina Head, Santa Catalina Island. [MVUS 1968]

In the News~

August 29, 1967 [LAT]: “A fire which started in the engine compartment destroyed a $40,000 43-foot cabin cruiser, the Louise, west of Santa Catalina Island, but the two persons on board escaped uninjured. Robert Dunn, 34, and his brother John, 16, both of 31 Empty Saddle Lane, Rolling Hills Estates, fought the fire with extinguishers, but could not put it out. THey escaped in a dinghy and were picked up by a commercial diving vessel. A Coast Guard cutter put out the fire, but not before the cruiser burned to the water line.”