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Louise Ray (#226822) (1927-1937), 64-foot wood-hulled purse seiner built in Los Angeles for the Italian Food Products Company. On November 4, 1937 Captain Antone Stanovich reported “the man at the wheel went to sleep” and the vessel grounded on Anacapa Island where she sank.

In the News~

November 5, 1937 [Journal of Light Station at Anacapa Island, National Archives]: “12:15 a.m. two fishermen landed on sta[tion] and reported their boat wrecked. Went to lower landing and assisted in getting eight others ashore from two skiffs. Took 'em up to power house and gave 'em coffee and food. Also contacted C.G. requesting assistance, also to send salvage tug Retriever at once; we towed the fishermen back to wreck at 6 a.m. but could not get aboard, in the meantime the Aurora arrived on scene. The fishermen were taken aboard cutter awaiting arrival of tug Retriever. The name of fish boat was Louise Ray and she struck between Middle and Little Anacapa; she seems in a bad way.”

November 6, 1937 [LAT]: “San Pedro. The sixty-five foot San Pedro purse seiner boat Louise Ray yesterday was reported ashore on little Anacapa Island, sixty-five miles from here. Her crew of nine, including the owner, Antone Stanovich, were safe aboard the Coast Guard patrol boat Aurora, which was standing by. The salvage tug Retriever under Captain Edison Brown, was dispatched to the vessel’s aid yesterday forenoon and was expected to patch and refloat the craft, which was said to be pinioned on her port bow.”

January 14, 1938 [Oakland Tribune]: “The trawler Louise Ray piled up on Anacapa Island, Santa Barbara, on November 6, and the crew was rescued by the Coast Guard.”