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Alexander MacDougall was shot while hunting
on Santa Cruz Island in 1932
Pasadena Man, Alexander Macdougall 1932 Died while hunting boar on SCI unknow newspaper article 005.jpg

MACDOUGALL, Alexander (1904-1932), age 28, was accidentally shot in the head and killed while hunting wild boar on Santa Cruz Island. A group of Pasadena hunting friends was on the island when the stray bullet hit MacDougall from the unknown gun. He died the following day in Santa Barbara at Cottage Hospital.

In the News~

March 28, 1932 [SBMP]: “Pasadena resident wounded during boar hunt on island. A. H. MacDougall, 170 South Euclid Avenue, Pasadena, is in a serious condition in Cottage Hospital, suffering from a bullet wound received in a hunting accident yesterday on Santa Cruz Island. A bullet, believed to have been fired at considerable distance from the man, entered his right jawbone and came out near his right ear. The sheriff’s office had not determined, at a late hour last night, who fired the bullet. MacDougall was in a party of 25 Los Angeles hunters who were taken to the island yesterday from Hueneme, aboard the cabin cruiser, Paxinosa, of Los Angeles. The cruiser arrived at the island at 10 A.M., according to reports, and the men started hunting wild boar near Valdez Harbor. The accident occurred at noon, and the party placed MacDougall aboard the Paxinosa and started down the coast in search of a Coast Guard cutter, it was said. Reaching Fries Harbor at 3:34 o’clock, the craft pulled alongside the Merfrit-Chapman & Scott tug Commissioner, Captain Edison D. Brown commanding, asking assistance. The tug took the wounded man and several others aboard, arriving here at 6:30 P.M. MacDougall was taken to Cottage Hospital in an Eppel & Kurtz ambulance. Members of the party told Captain Brown that they did not know who fired the shot which injured MacDougall. A friend of MacDougall in the party, F. Johnstone, also of, accompanied the man to the hospital. The Paxinosa, with other members of the party, went to Hueneme from the island. In the hospital last night, it was reported that the wounded man was resting, but that his condition was dangerous. While awaiting aid on the island, he wrote several notes, one asking that his wife and son be advised of the accident. Mrs. MacDougall, who was in Pasadena, left immediately for Santa Barbara when she was notified of the accident. Those in the party who returned here on the Commissioner were R. J. Bourg, W. P. George, A. E. Hagen, L. C. Henry, M. A. Mark and B. J. Halliday, all of Los Angeles.”

March 28, 1932 [Pasadena]: “Wound takes the life of man shot while hunting on island.”

March 29, 1932 [SBMP]: “Identity of man who killed hunter veiled. County Coroner E. G. Dodge last night closed the official inquiry into the accidental death of A. H. MacDougall, of Pasadena, by saying that the identity of the fellow wild boar hunter who fatally wounded MacDougall Sunday on Santa Cruz Island will probably never be known. The victim died in Cottage Hospital here at 1 A.M. yesterday morning. No inquest was held, the coroner said, because the widow did not wish it. A half dozen other wild boar hunters were shooting in the vicinity of MacDougall at the time one of their stray bullets hit him. None knows which fired the fatal shot, the coroner was advised. MacDougall’s body was sent back to Pasadena yesterday for burial.”