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MAILLIARD, John Ward (1862-1935), New-Jersey-born ornithological collector and businessman, graduate of the University of California class of 1884 and younger brother of Joseph Mailliard. The association of the Mailliard brothers was always close. They worked together on their ornithological collections and in 1904 they built adjoining homes in San Francisco. John W. Mailliard served on the Board of Trustees of the California Academy of Sciences from 1910-1926. In 1918 the Mailliard brothers donated their collections of over 10,000 bird skins, and an even greater number of birds eggs and nests to the California Academy of Sciences.

Together they collected birds and eggs on Santa Cruz Island (April 1898) and Santa Barbara Island (April 1902). In March 1918 the Mailliard brothers, along with California Academy of Sciences colleagues John Van Denburgh, Joseph Richard Slevin and academy director, Barton Warren Evermann, visited San Clemente, San Nicolas, Santa Barbara and Santa Catalina islands on a collecting trip.

Directory of Members, Cooper Ornithological Club, May 1914:

  • John W. Mailliard. 300 Front St., San Francisco, CA 1894.

Mailliard died at age 74, and was survived by his wife, three sons and two daughters.

Palmer, T. S. Nomenclature of California Birds in Condor 30(5):267-268 September-October 1928:

MAILLIARD, John “Born at Bordentown, New Jersey, January 25, 1862. Younger brother of Joseph Mailliard and a member of the Cooper Ornithological Club and of the American Ornithologists' Union. The designation of a Vireo (Vireo mailliardorum), now regarded as a synonym of Vireo huttoni, was proposed by Grinnell in recognition of the ornithiological acrtivities of the Mailliard brothers, as was also the name of the San Francisco Red-winger Blackbird, Ageliaus phoeniceus mailliardorum, by Van Rossem.”

Mailliard collected on:

  • Farallones (1894)