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MARTIN, Camilo (1832-1901), was born in Cuba and educated in Germany. He came to the Pacific coast in 1850 where he was employed in a mercantile house soon after the gold discovery. He then entered the Rothschild banking house where he remained until 1865 when he left to become a founding partned in the Bank of San Francisco. Governor Latham was manager and Camilo Martin assistant manager. He resigned after fourteen years to engage in commercial pursuits. In 1854 Martin was appointed as Spanish Consul, a position he held for forty-two years. He also served as consul for the Duchy of Parma. Martin was an original investor in the Santa Cruz Island Company in 1869, along with along with nine others:

Martin married Frances “Fannie” Adele Hyde (1850-1931), daughter of San Francisco pioneer, George Hyde, a Philadelphia-born lawyer who was the city’s first alcalde [mayor] under the American regime (1846-1847). They had three children:

  • Camilo Martin (1871-1934)
  • Grace Martin (1873-1953)
  • Herbert Decoygan Martin (1876-1942)

For a time, Martin had both his lodgings and office in Nicolas Larco's building on Jackson Street in San Francisco. In 1893 he was knighted by the Queen Regent of Spain. Martin died in his Sausalito home in October 1901 at age 69. He, his wife, and last son are buried in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Colma.

In the News~

February 23, 1869 [SDU]: Incorporations.— Articles of incorporation of the Santa Cruz Island Company were filed in the office of the Secretary of State yesterday. This corporation was formed for the purpose of engaging in and carrying on the business of raising cattle and selling and disposing of the same; of acquiring, holding, using and selling such real estate as may be requisite and necessary for the prosecution of their business, etc. Capital stock, $300,000, in shares of $500 each, The principal place of business is in San Francisco. Trustees — Gustavo Mahe, Camile Martin, T. Lemmen Meyer, Thomas. J. Gallagher and Pablo Baca.”

January 22, 1873 [DAC]: “Santa Cruz Island Company. Annual Statement of the affairs of the Association for the term of 1872 as reported to the general meeting of the Stockholders held January 20, 1872: Receipts from January 1 to December 31, 1872… General total of receipts $82,074.67 Disbursements for the same period of time… Same total as above. Out of this amount of profits $48,806.08… Gustav Mahe, President. T. Lemmen Meyer, Vice President. Camilo Martin, Treasurer. M. DeKirwin, Secretary.”

October 22, 1901 [LAT]: “San Francisco. Camilo Martin, who for forty-two years was consul of Spain in this city, is dead at his home at Sausalito. After the recent war he was succeeded as Consul of Spain by Dr. Del Amo, but subsequently was appointed Vice-Consul. He came to California as the business agent of the Rothschilds and became a prominent banker here. He married the daughter of George Hyde, a pioneer of 1846, and at one time the owner of much valuable property in this city. Mr. Martin was knighted by the Queen Regent of Spain in 1893.”

October 26, 1901 [SN]: “Mr. Camilo Martin passed away at his residence on Bulkley Avenue early Saturday morning, after an illness extending over three months. The funeral took place Tuesday morning from St. Mary’s Cathedral, San Francisco. The pall bearers were: Jose Costa, Consul to Uruguay; George F. Butler; Edouard J. Le Briton, president of the French bank; O. M. Goldaracenea, in charge of the Spanish Consulate; and William Harrison. Rev. Father Valentini of Sausalito conducted the services. Deceased arrived in San Francisco in the early ‘50s as an agent for the Rothschilds. Then he became assistant manager of the London and San Francisco Bank, which position he held for several years. Mr. Martin was married in the city to Miss Fannie Hyde, a daughter of George Hyde, who owned blocks of real estate there, Hyde Street being named in his honor. He was a pioneer of ’46 and was the last Alcalde appointed by General Kearney. Martin was born in Havana, Cuba, and descended from a noble Castillian family. In June 1893 he was knighted by Maria Christina, Queen Regent of Spain, who forwarded him the gold cross of the Order of Isabel la Catolica. The distinction was a recognition of faithful service as Spanish consul in San Francisco for over thirty-eight years. On his retirement he held the title of Honorary Consul. After the war he was succeeded by Dr. Del Amo, but subsequently became Vice-Consul, and at the time of his demise was acting as Consul in the absence of Mr. Del Amo. He and his family resided at one time in San Rafael, but their home for the past six or seven years has been in Sausalito. Deceased leaves a widow, two sons and a daughter. Mr. Martin’s retiring and unassuming disposition would not permit him to participate in political or public functions. His home was his idol; he was preeminently domestic, and his home rule was of the most refined and gentle character. He was by birth, education and disposition, a cultured gentleman. He was a practical and devout Christian, attending consistently to his religious duties. The community loses a good citizen; his widow and children, a most devoted husband and parent. He is doubtless at this moment the recipient of the reward that the righteous and sanctified are entitled to.”

October 15, 1904 [SFCall]: “San Jose, October 14. Telling her mother that she was going to San Francisco to attend a matinee, Miss Delmas Walter, one of the prettiest girls in San Jose, and Herbert Martin of San Francisco, went to Fresno and were married. The engagement had been announced some time ago and preparations for a swell wedding were being made by her family… Martin is the son of the late Camilo Martin, who was the Spanish Consul at San Francisco for forty years.