MEVA, Michel Mendo

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MEVA, Michel Mendo ( -2011)

In the News~

March 17, 2011 [LAT]: “ Authorities Thursday were investigating the death of a man who drowned while taking a scuba-diving class at the Casino Dive Park off Catalina Island. Michel Mendo Meva’a was in a “discovery scuba-type course” March 5 when he became unconscious, authorities said. “During the dive, something occurred and he went toward the surface," said Det. David Carver of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. “He sank back down and was assisted back to the surface by the instructor and a civilian.” Meva was taken to shore, treated by paramedics and taken by lifeguard boat to the University of Southern California Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, an emergency medical facility for the treatment of scuba accidents, Carver said. Meva’a was pronounced dead at the center, Carver said. No other details were available, and the investigation was continuing, Carver said.”