MILLSPAUGH, Charles Frederick

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MILLSPAUGH, Charles Frederick (1854-1923), New York-born botanist who authored the Flora of Santa Catalina Island with Lawrence William Nuttall, published the year of Millspaugh's death, 1923.

Millspaugh = [1877] Mary Louisa Spalding (1854-1907)

  • 1. Basil Spaulding Millspaugh [Ruysdael] (1878-1960)

Millspaugh = Clara Isabel Mitchell

Millspaugh was graduated from Cornell University in 1875.

In the News~

September 18, 1923 [NYT]: “Noted botanist dies. Dr. Charles F. Millspaugh was curator at the Field Museum. Chicago, Sept. 16.— Dr. Charles Frederick Millspaugh, 69, curator of the Department of Botany at the Field Museum, Professor of botany at the University of Chicago and Chicago Medical College, explorer and authority on plant life, died here Saturday, following a short illness. Dr. Millspaugh had been connected with Chicago University since 1895. Dr. Millspaugh had practiced medicine at Binghampton, N.YT. for ten years before he devoted himself to botany, and it was in the application of botany, to medicine that he specialized, together with the use of botanical knowledge in economics.”