MIX, Tom

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Tom Mix's home, Catalina Isl.

MIX, Tom (1880-1940), American film actor and Western megastar who had a house on Santa Catalina Island in the 1920s.


In the News~

January 30, 1924 [TI/Avalon]: "Tom Mix, with Mrs. Mix and a party of friends, came over for the weekend on their cruiser Miss Mixit. Several of the party enjoyed a swim in the bay, and later walked up to the Country Club and had a good time on the golf course. Tom said the Chicago Cubs were sure lucky fellows to have such a wonderful location for training, and pronounced the condition of the turf on the training field perfect. Mr. Mix said: 'The deep sea angling game is a new one to me, and I am placing orders on the other side for a new fishing launch to use this summer. I hope to break into the sport, with the aid of Bill and Dusty Farnum, both of whom are old-timers."

May 14, 1924 [TI/Avalon]: "Tom Mix entertained a house party for the week-end at his new Avalon home and on board his cruiser, Miss Mixit."

June 10, 1925 [TI/Avalon]: "On Saturday evening the beautiful cruiser Mis Mixit, owned by Tom Mix, came into the bay with the genial owner and his wife aboard. Seeing that Friend Tom only returned to Hollywood on Wednesday last from Europe, we were delighted to see him with us so soon again. After looking over his pretty home on the hillside, where several improvements have been made during their visit to Europe, Tom learned of a tragedy that had happened to our local Boy Sea Scouts. A large whaleboat had been assigned for certain sum for freight charges; but, to the dismay of the boys and those interested in getting the boat, the charges were increased away over $100. 'There is only one thing to do,' says our Friend Tom, 'pay the bill.' Will you kindly let me know the amount required to pay this off. I'll gladly do it as I am a Boy Scout myself. Rather an old-timer maybe, but I enjoy helping Scouts along.' Needless to say, the amount necessary was filled in on a check signed by Tom Mix. Are these Sea Scouts glad their friend Tom is back? We are very fortunate in having Mr and Mrs. Mix in our community."

December 23, 1931 [TI/Avalon]: "The 75-foot cabin cruiser Mikado, formerly owned by Tom Mix, went on the rocks at Catalina Harbor early Sunday morning. The vessel is now owned by A. W. Klotz of Los Angeles. Damage done to the craft was estimated at $10,000. It had several large holes in the bow and keel was badly displaced. The salvage tug Commissioner of San Pedro succeeded in floating the vessel Sunday afternoon, and it was towed to San Pedro... When owned by Tom Mix the Mikado was known as Miss Mixit. The boat is valued at $35,000..."