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MORICICH, Vincente “Chappo” (1884-1903) was the second child of Vincenti and Josephine Gemilere Moricich. He drowned in Avalon Bay when he was 19 years old.

In the News~

August 13, 1903 Catherine MacLean Loud notes in her diary: “Chappo Moricich was accidently drowned this afternoon after he took the garbage boat out to dump and was found at the bottom of Avalon Bay by the passengers on a glass bottom powerboat. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Vincente Moricich, early Avalon residents.”

August 13, 1903 [SF Call]: “Pleasure seekers find body of drowned boy. Mystery surrounding the disappearance of Vincent Moricich of Avalon is solved. Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, Aug. 12—A party of Utah tourists, while out in a glass bottom boat today viewing the beauties of the bed of the ocean, a favorite diversion here which almost all visitors to the island enjoy, made an unexpected and startling discovery, They were floating over the marine gardens, when on the bottom in twenty-five feet of water they saw the body of a man. The magnifying effect of the water made the body appear to be that of a giant, and some of the ladies in the party fainted. The party hurriedly rowed ashore and reported what they had seen. Several other glass-bottomed boats put out to the place, equipped with grappling hooks, with which the body was brought to the surface and towed ashore. The remains were identified as those of Vincent Moricich, aged 19, son of a boatman here. He had been missing since Tuesday, when he left in a small boat, which was later found on the beach. He was subject to epileptic fits, and it is supposed he fell overboard during one of these attacks and was drowned.”