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MUNZ, Philip Alexander (1892-1974), professor of botany at Pomona College, later director of the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, and author of Manual of Southern California Botany, A California Flora, and A Flora of Southern California.

In April, 1930 Munz collected plants at Hazard’s Canyon on Santa Cruz Island, and on Santa Rosa Island near Water Canyon. Ralph Hoffmann reported in the July 1930 Museum Leaflet: “After a night in Cuyler’s Harbor, the boat headed for a little cove on Santa Rosa just below the Torrey Pines. In April the Director and Dr. Munz’s party from Pomona had found the leaves of a Calochortus and of an orchid (Habenaria) under the pines, but the plants were not yet in flower. Now they were both in full bloom.”

  • 1926. Munz, Philip Alexander. The Antirrhinoidae-Anthirrinaeae of the New World Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 4th Series. 15(12):323-397. June 3, 1926. Perfect-bound wraps.
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» Munz, Philip A manual of southern California botany, Claremont Colleges, Claremont 1935

» Munz, Philip A flora of southern California, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1974; Carlquist, Sherman Philip A. Munz, botanist and friend in Aliso 8: 211-220, 1975.

Munz collected on:

  • San Clemente Island (1923)
  • San Miguel Island (1930)
  • Santa Catalina Island (1931)
  • Santa Cruz Island (1930)
  • Santa Rosa Island (1930)

Island Collections~

San Clemente Island Philip A. Munz GH April 9, 1923 GH-355488 Triteleia clementina Plants
San Clemente Island Philip A. Munz POM April 9, 1923 POM-20628 Triteleia clementina Plants

Santa Rosa Island Philip A. Munz & E. Crow POM April 8, 1930 POM-171506 Pinus torreyana Plants