Manuscript Materials

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Manuscript Materials

San Nicolas Island

  • 1858. Martin M. Kimberly (1826-1878). Preemption Claim. Filed for record October 1st, A.D. 1858 at 11-¾ A.M. By C. R. V. Lee, Chas. E. Cook, County Recorder. Recorded in Liber "A" of miscellaneous on page 105. Chas. E. Cook, County Recorder, Santa Barbara County
[original in SCIF archives; provenance: ex-lib. Clifton Smith to ex-lib. Marla Daily to CCIC]

  • 1860-1890. Mrs Emma Chamberlain Hardacre (1843-1930). Journal-Scrapbook. Leather, oversized, repurposed 1866 ledger, appearing to be chronological daily accounting or purchases (groceries, scrub brushes, nails, plates, ribbons, pearl buttons, rag carpet, etc) by various customers. Pages have been over-pasted with dozens of newspaper articles (c. 1861-1883). The last seven pages of the ledger contain penciled notes of a manuscript of Emma Hardacre Historical Account of California Female Robinson Crusoe.
[original in SCIF archives; "presented to Marla Daily by Joy and Isaac Bonilla"]

Santa Cruz Island

  • 1904-1987 (lacking 1936). Daily Diaries. Recording temperature, winds, and occasional events. These diaries were initially kept by Pietro Olivari, Santa Cruz Island Company employee.