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MariPro, Santa Cruz Island

MariPro, a California Corporation founded in 1981 by fourteen former employees of Delco Electronics, a division of General Motors Corporation, that operated under contract with the U.S. Navy while conducting research on Santa Cruz Island. General Motors had a lease with the Santa Cruz Island Company to construct the necessary island facilities, known as the Santa Cruz Island Acoustic Range Facility (SCARF).

Founding Maripro employees:

  • Art Ayres
  • Jay Bercaw
  • Leo Blickley
  • Don Chalfont
  • Billy Everson
  • Richard Hegeman
  • Dan Massara
  • Bill McLennan
  • Lew Price
  • Dave Schiefen
  • Richard Smalley
  • Lloyd Sorensen
  • Dan Suchman
  • Doyle Sullivan

Maripro entered into a lease agreement with the Santa Cruz Island Company to construct facilities and conduct defense research on Santa Cruz Island. In 1982, MariPro was purchased by and merged with Science Applications International Corporation [SAIC], a Delaware corporation. By mutual agreement, after the merger, all interactions with the Santa Cruz Island Company (Carey Stanton) were to be handled by MariPro employees, and not employees from SAIC. MariPro facilities on Santa Cruz Island were known by colors:

  • [SORENSEN, Lloyd, Richard Hegeman and Dave Shiefen] Three Oceaneers. Book One The First 25 Years: 1957 to 1982. The California Maritime Academy and GM Sea Operations. Privately printed. n.d. Wraps. The story of the founding of operations on Santa Cruz Island by General Motors.
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